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Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between and among practicing agilists.

Apr 21, 2024

In this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, Andy Cleff, Chris Murman, and Jesper ├śrting delve into a discussion on the concept of greed, in the context of organizational dynamics as well as personal growth.

This episode marks the seventh and final installment in the series on the seven deadly sins, focusing on how...

Mar 31, 2024

Join us this week as we unpack...ENVY.  How does this sin relate to our roles as coaches, our worlds in the we really want what we think we want, and is it solely because someone else has it?  Tune in to find out! Enjoy!


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Mar 17, 2024

You know this is the episode you were waiting for....this week host Sam Hogarth gathers a motley crew into a panel to discuss the concept of lust and how it impacts us in the agile space.  Listen in, it's not the conversation you'd typically expect from this cast of characters...enjoy!

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Feb 25, 2024

Join hosts Andrew Leff, Chris Murman, and Andy Cleff in an exploration of wrath and its impact on relationships, both personal and professional.

From the subtle nuances of organizational dynamics to the intricacies of managing emotions in the workplace, this episode delves deep into the complexities of wrath and offers...

Feb 4, 2024

This Agile Uprising podcast delves into the theme of "Gluttony," exploring the impact of overindulgence and excess in various aspects of work and life.

Hosts Chris Murman, Jay Hrcsko, and Andrew Leff engage in a thought-provoking conversation about how gluttonous behaviors can manifest in work habits, personal growth,...