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May 9, 2021

In the 2021 State of Agile Coaching Report, experienced coaches were twice as likely to be external to organizations. Meaning they were consultants versus hiring a full-time employee. It raised some interesting questions to explore about the state of the field and what the future of agile coaching was:

  • What are the reasons why a coach would want to stay an FTE versus becoming a consultant?
  • Are there varied benefits to having both internal coaches as well as external consultants working in your organization?
  • What exactly are the differences in both?
  • Did the pandemic and quarantine specifically impact the agile coaching profession?
  • If I'm looking to become an agile coach, what are the various paths I could take in order to get there?

Join host Chris Murman and a motley crew of people willing to take his verbal abuse to discuss this topic: Jon Schneider, Todd Thrash, and Stephen Kellogg as well as fellow AU board members James Gifford and Jay Horsecantspellhisnamecorrectly. It's an irreverent and uncensored conversation that lays open the challenges the agile coaching profession faces today as well as some hope for the future. 

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