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Jun 3, 2024

In this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, host Troy Lightfoot chat with Prateek Singh author of Scaling Simplified and the new course for Product Management "Accelerating Product Value" about taking your product management career to the next level with Probablisitc Thinking and Flow.

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The episode is rich with insights, making it a valuable listen for anyone involved in organizational change.

  • Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Thinking in Product Management: The discussion highlighted the importance of probabilistic thinking, where multiple future outcomes are considered, rather than deterministic thinking, which often leads to rigid and potentially inaccurate expectations.

    Challenges with Traditional Product Prioritization: Traditional methods of product prioritization, such as backlog management, are seen as potentially obsolete the moment they are established due to the dynamic nature of market and development realities.

    Advantages of Rapid Experimentation: Getting ideas to production swiftly and with minimal initial investment allows for direct testing with customers, providing real feedback and reducing the risk of significant investment in unproven ideas.

    Financial Impact of Flow and Learning: Faster realization of product value through improved flow can significantly enhance ROI, by reducing the costs associated with delays and increasing the effectiveness of learning from the market.

    The Role of Flow Metrics in Learning Systems: Flow metrics like cycle time and throughput are vital for transforming product development and operations into learning systems, where the speed of learning and adaptation is critical.

    Concept of Thinking in Bets: The podcast also touched on using the concept of “Thinking in Bets” (from Annie Duke’s work) to manage investment in product development. This approach advocates for small, incremental bets to minimize losses while exploring the potential success of new ideas.

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