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Dec 4, 2022

Not long ago, Chris Murman and Jay Hrcsko recorded a podcast about some of the mistakes or failures Murman has made in his agile journey. Perhaps it wasn't an outright fail, but definitely coaching he wished he could have a do-over. It is part of a larger conversation we have been having at AU for quite some time. We even wish we could host a conference devoted solely to failure bows.

It definitely become a fiery topic since the pandemic to realize the ways of working most held dear weren’t always the case anymore. And yet we hold them as always true. So Murm put the call out on Twitter for someone else to join me in the conversation. Treasured peer and friend Paul Tevis answered the Bat Signal, and we thank him for his bravery.

Join Murman and Tevis as they discuss why it's so tough to discuss failure in an industry that claims to embrace it. What were some moments we wish we could do over again, and why it's important to find those moments? Recognizing the opportunity to use regret is the key to taking huge leaps forward together.

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